I love
what you're

I’m Skip, and I know that your clothes help tell the everyday story of how you feel. Your exciting colour and fabric choices may seem simple, but they are strong statements that generate powerful results. This is what the Three Word Wardrobe wants to capture. Whether your clothes are white, colourful, striped, loose, or fitted - they do matter! Your choice of clothing helps to define who you are and how you feel.

Because when you look good, you feel good. The Three Word Wardrobe has collaborated with some of the most creative and inspiring bloggers to explore the connection between the clothes you wear and how they affect your mood. You can explore their wardrobes and see how their everyday sartorial choices reflect their mood. And if you feel inspired, share your mood with us. Skip wants to capture your favourite outfits and help you look after them ... because Skip loves what you’re wearing!