• The best way to wash fabrics

    When fabrics fade, shrink or stretch and colours run, you can bet that the fabric was badly handled during the washing process. The best way to avoid damaging your clothes is through proper laundry care. It is important to check the instructions on garment care labels and follow them for the best results. There are some really simple rules to ensure great results every time, but also to help consumers sort out problems that they’re experiencing. Skip’s laundry detergents are formulated to deeply penetrate your clothes for a cleaner and brighter wash, without damaging the fabric.

  • Synthetic fibres

    It is safe to say that there isn’t one household in the world where there are no synthetic fibres: they have become very popular because essentially, they are cheaper than natural fibres and they are easier to wear and care for. In this category, you will find acrylics, polyesters, nylons etc. Click on any of the synthetic fabrics below and learn how best to care for clothes that are made from this material.

  • What are natural fibres?

    Animal and vegetable fibres fall into this category. It’s important to care for fibres like this in the right way to maintain their beauty. Fabrics such as wool, silk, mohair, angora, cotton and linen are natural fibres. Silk is a luxurious fibre that requires delicate handling when washing. It is always essential to check garment care labels on any silk or silk-blend articles and to wash as directed. Learn how to care for clothes that are made from natural fabrics by clicking on the natural fabric samples below.

  • Different fabrics and how to wash them

    Replacing outfits is an expensive business, so it makes sense to get to know the variety of fabrics and how best to care for them. Not only will you prolong the life of your favourite garments but you will also save yourself quite a lot of money. Fabrics fall into two main categories—natural and synthetics—and of course there are a range of blends and mixtures as well. Click on any of the fabric samples below for a quick guide on how to care for them and keep them looking great for longer.

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