5 Style Habits of Happy People


5 Style Habits of Happy People
Who doesn't love the way a favourite outfit brightens your day? Here are just a few ways to dress up when you’re feeling down – the Skip Three Word Wardrobe way!

1. There is life after black and white

Granted, Coco Chanel cemented the LBD as the must-have item in every woman’s wardrobe. Despite her love of black, she also said, “The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.” This is not to say that everyone has to ditch their black and white items entirely but rather add a cheerful burst of colour to your look. A punchy red bag or vibrant yellow scarf will do. Octavia Ephraim, the founder of Octapear Image Consulting in Pretoria, says “Don’t get rid of all the ‘wrong’ colours in your wardrobe; just wear the right colours closer to your face or from the waist up.”


2. Wear happy clothes

Just like that dress you wore to a disastrous date remains hidden at the back of your closet; the sundress that you bought five Decembers ago while on honeymoon gets a regular outing. Why? Simple! It reminds you of a happy time. Australia’s University of Queensland did research and found that quite a few participants mentioned that they used clothing to change or boost their mood. “If they get up and aren't feeling great, they would put on something that would brighten them up.” As if we needed research to tell us that!


3. Go green

The Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam has found that green puts you, and everyone who sees you dressed in the punchy colour, in a good mood because of its close association with nature. It is uplifting in the same way as a brief respite out of doors, making it the colour to wear if you need to improve your mental acuity.


4. Pick me up, buttercup

Psychologically, yellow is the colour that has the strongest effect when it comes to boosting confidence and making us feel more optimistic. That said, yellow is also associated with anxiety and you may want to use it in moderation – it has been found to make babies cry!


5. Think pink, or red

Imagine a flash of fuchsia or red in a sea of black. A striking image, is it not? That’s because shades of pink and red, like orange and yellow, are warm, energizing colours. This applies to lipstick too! Spruce up your look and boost your mood by adding a smudge of colourful lipstick paired with a brightly coloured statement piece. When you’re feeling down and boring, pack away your neutral shades of lipstick and go for something pink or red. It won’t just perk you up, it will also change the way that other people respond to you.


Octapear’s Ephraim emphasises that the clothes you choose to wear will make an impression if you concentrate on visualization: “Imagine how you would like others to react when you enter a room, and then work to achieve that.” In other words, fake it till you make it! Feeling inspired? Skip would love to know about the clothing that reflects your mood! You could win a R5, 000 shopping voucher from Spree! Just go to skip.co.za.
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