5 Surefire Ways to Dress for Success


5 Surefire Ways to Dress for Success
As the Skip Three Word Wardrobe experiment has already proven, the clothes that we choose to wear demonstrate who we are, how we are feeling and how we want to be perceived. If you dress in a manner that evokes a specific impression, such as an innate air of confidence, not only will other people perceive you in that way, but you will also begin to naturally embody that specific emotion or way of being! With this in mind, Skip has put together 5 top tips for dressing for success.

  1. 1. Less is more
When it comes to accessories, the golden rule is to de-clutter. Use a shoulder bag that is not too big and not too small. This will ensure that your hands are free. If you must remove your jacket or coat, drape it over your left arm so that your right hand is free to shake hands when introduced to someone.


  1. 2. Stop 'saving' clothes
Do you feel like a million dollars in that new skirt that you recently splurged on? Then wear it. Stop saving clothes for so-called ‘special occasions’. Similarly, do not wear something that brings back unpleasant memories. It is impossible to feel confident and exude positivity in something that reminds you of a horrible experience.


  1. 3. Play six questions
Octavia Ephraim, the founder of OctaPear Image Consulting, suggests asking yourself the following questions:
•  Which suits you better, silver or gold accessories?
•  What neutral shades of colours should you build your wardrobe around?
•  What are the colours that help you to light up when you walk into a room?
•  White or ivory? You'll be surprised how many women can wear one but not the other.
•  Does black really do something for you? If not, don't wear it.


  1. 4. Try a spot of colour therapy
•  Red: Although red is touted as the colour of winners, it can come across as too aggressive. Rather use it strategically and subtly as a complement to your overall outfit with a statement red handbag or scarf, for example.
•  Blue: Believe it or not, but blue (and purple) can do wonders for your self-confidence. Wearing clothes in these colours will also effortlessly lift your spirits. The darker the blue, the more feminine you will appear.


  1. 5. Always remember the basics
•  There is such a thing as dressing overconfidently. This includes – or rather, excludes – plunging necklines, minis, bright colours and anything that may be considered too flashy.
•  Clothes should fit well. Feeling confident is as much about being comfortable as it is about being stylish.

Finally, always ensure that you have Skip Auto Washing Powder or liquid detergent on hand so that you can take proper care of your favourite confidence-enhancing garments!