Back to black...ish!


Back to black...ish!

The colour black is versatile and is an ever-enduring way to feel good. It offers a means to cover-up and is so easy to use as an armour. The classic all black outfit is reliable and can serve as a relaxed and attractive “uniform” for those who are not so fond of an early morning.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying the ease of a head-to-toe black outfit, however, occasionally it can feel a little repetitive. Here are some garment tips to help you refresh your all-black outfit, for a trendier more energised look.

Coloured leather or pleather

A leather or leather-look jacket is something every woman should have in her fashion arsenal. But rather than picking the traditional black leather jacket, perhaps try a different colour. Red leather always looks great with your all black selection. Alternatively, if you are feeling a little more daring green and tan are the stand out “statement” colours for the season.

The leopard

Leopard print paired with black is simply stunning. While the bold print adds a touch of majesty, black accents anchor the audacious nature of the print. Together these two form a formidable partnership. So, whether you are selecting an accent shoe or going for a full printed shirt, you won’t be disappointed by this addition.

Brightly coloured carryall

Something as simple as adding a richly pigmented handbag can make all the difference to a plain outfit. Try a furious fuchsia bucket bad or a forest green shopper for a real pop of colour that won’t overpower your safe, comfortable blacks. Take a look at our care for clothes, for some helpful tips on how to give new life to your accessories using laundry care.

Throw some shades

If you are a little more traditional, try adding a pair of va-va-voom sunglasses to brighten up your ensemble. Add a large pair of red Jackie O’s or perhaps try a quirky pair of cat eyes in your favourite shade.

Silver is the new black

Yes, we know this is said of many colours but this time we really mean it. If you are a little bit of a magpie and love anything shiny then this one is for you. Supplement your all-black outfit with a pair of silver shoes or if you are feeling brave, try a silver lame skirt.