Detergent 101: Liquid vs. Powder


Detergent 101: Liquid vs. Powder

Our clothes are what protects us, keeps us warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. So treat each garment with the kindness it deserves. Ensure that your snug chunky knit or your cool linen blouse is equally well cared for by choosing the best detergent and fabric care.

Liquid detergent

Skip Liquid Detergent with fibre protect technology, works deep in the fabrics of your clothes and other washing. It also smooths and aligns fibres so that stains and dirt wash away more easily. This leaves garments a better shape and preserves its colour. For a wash that leaves your laundry in the best condition, all you need is one small cap of Skip Liquid Detergent.

The benefits:

Liquid detergent is pre-dissolved, so you never have to worry about residue on your clothing. The fragrance lasts longer because it penetrates deep into the fibres. You don’t have to worry about clumping because there is even distribution of the detergent. It can be applied directly on to stains for better results.

Powder detergent

Skip Washing Powder contains a unique enzyme+ system which preserves the quality of your clothing - so that you can wear the clothes you love, for longer. Its formula works on a dual level system to give your garments an expert clean and at the same time improves their texture, wash after wash.

The perks:
  • This is the classic, trusted formula which is easy to use.Certain ingredients in detergents are more stable in powder form, and therefore they have a longer shelf life than liquids.

Why choose Skip?

Our products contain unique long-lasting perfume capsules which will release their fragrances for weeks after the wash. Skip is better for the environment because the packaging needs less energy to produce than traditional packaging formats. Also, Skip Liquid can be used in cold water, thereby saving electricity.

As the leading garment care expert, we are trusted by consumers to bring them the most up-to-date, technologically advanced products on the market. Our Skip range has something for all your washables. So, make sure you have our full range of options at hand: Skip Intelligent Perfect Whites to keep your whites clothes dazzingly white, Skip Intelligent Perfect Darks to keep dark clothes from fading, and Skip Intelligent Perfect Delicates for your special laces and other delicate fabrics. Your clothes will surely thank you!