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Dressed for Success

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When we say power dressing, we’re not talking about a comeback of pants suits and shoulder pads from the 80s. In today’s office environment, getting dressed for your ‘9 to 5’ is so much more than that. Now you can make a fashion statement in the boardroom by making wardrobe choices that complement you and give you the confidence that you need in order to bring your A-game. What you wear to work is important because this is the first impression that you make. Like it or not, we are judged by our appearance, so here are some expert garment tips that are sure to make your clothing speak for you. Are you bold, laid back, fun or serious? This season's spin on power dressing is all about silhouettes and bold profiles. Here are some tips on how to take your style into the boardroom.


Adding a blazer to your outfit is one of the simplest tips for modern power dressing. A well-fitted blazer will smarten up your outfit and it goes well with almost anything. A tailored blazer with cigarette pants and patent pumps is a winning corporate look. A plus is that matching suit sets are on trend, which is perfect for all of the power dressers.
Skip Loves Blazers Skip Loves Blazers
Both images from: http://www.outfittrends.com/22-elegant-workwear-outfits-combinations-for-women/


Did you know that the colours you choose to wear often express your current state of mind? When you colour up, you’re optimistic, giving you the edge and making people want to be around you. Head-to-toe colour is an easy way in which to make a lasting impression. On the flip side, don’t be afraid to experiment with monochrome looks. These looks are on trend and create a sense of fluidity that can make you appear taller!


Draw attention to your presentation skills with stacked bright bangles, or go for a one eye-catching statement piece like a chunky, architecturally shaped piece of jewellery, structured handbags, and look-at-me shoes. Accessories are an awesome way in which to say ‘pay attention to me’, without saying a word. They are also great conversation pieces and can start casual conversations that lighten the mood and make getting down to business an effortless task.

The midi line

Utterly feminine pieces, such as a voluminous midi-skirt, a prim, belted dress, or the formerly dreaded suit now cut to flatter the female figure, can do wonders for your work look. Try to find shapes that complement your silhouette for the best results.

A white shirt is an office staple

Crisp, clean and perfectly pressed, the classic white shirt is a winner every time. Besides the fact that it works with absolutely everything, it is also versatile in that it can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion.

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Put your best foot forward

Heels have always been a power statement for women in the workplace. Perhaps it’s the ‘clickety clack’ that surrounds you with a sense of mystery and fierce presence? Comfortable shoes are also fantastic for the office though; depending on the environment in which you work. Sleek slip-ons and classic lace-ups are great, as are pumps and sandals.

Do denim

It will never go out of style, and it works wherever you are. Of course you’ll leave the cut up pairs of jeans for the weekend, but rocking a pair of dark jeans with a white shirt, blazer and statement accessories is the business.

Fabric and stuff

Choosing classic pieces with modern silhouettes is the ‘in’ thing. Play around with textures and fabrics. Stay away from the florals, but definitely go for prints that are small, graphic, and repeat structurally.
Skip Loves Blazers Skip Loves Blazers
Both images from: http://www.outfittrends.com/22-elegant-workwear-outfits-combinations-for-women/
Now that we’ve given you all of these power-dressing garment tips, remember that anything you wear always looks better when you give it a personal touch. Take care of your power closet with Skip liquid detergent and work it, ladies!