Essentials for the On-The-Go Woman


Essentials for the On-The-Go Woman
Whether you are a full-time student, a busy stay at home mom, rock a full-time job or your life consists of a little bit of everything, our daily lives can often feel non-stop. We understand that sometimes your wardrobe is simply the least of your concerns. Never fear though, here are some essential garment tips that will keep you looking good while maintaining your busy lifestyle.
  1. A comfortable pullover. Because you can experience every season in a day, being equipped with a comfortable and warm pullover is always a good idea. Keep it in your bag, on your chair or in your car just in case.
  2. Comfortable heels. If you are in for a marathon day make sure your heels are fairly comfortable, because even the most seasoned of heel wearers struggle after a long day of running around.
  3. Hand cream. There are few sensations that rival the feeling of dry ashy hands. Keeping a small tube of hand cream on hand will prevent this uncomfortable affliction.
  4. Carry-all bag. Being able to toss your belongings into a bag to slam over your shoulder is perfect. A decent size tote or shopper bag is perfect to carry everything you may need for your day ahead while keeping it stylish.
  5. Light button up blouse or T-shirt. For a cool and comfortable dress-up and dress-down experience there is nothing quite like a plain blouse or T-shirt. Natural fabrics such as cottons are best because they are breathable which means fabric care is a cinch.
  6. Light sun block. Keeping a tube of sunblock on hand, just in case, will make sure that those surprise sunny days won’t leave you burnt.
  7. Moisturising lipstick. It’s always a good idea keep a tube of lipstick close if you need to look presentable in a flash. A moisturising lipstick will also serve as extra protection to avoid chapping.
  8. Sensible flats. If you keep a pair of sensible flats within reach you will never be disappointed. Having a pair of shoes that you can comfortably walk in will really come in handy when you are in a rush.
  9. Tailored pants. A pair of comfortable and tailored pants is an absolute must. Choose your preferred shape and colour and these are perfect to pair with a casual T-shirt or a formal blouse for any occasion.
With these essentials in tow, your busy schedule and your wardrobe can be effortlessly balanced. Make sure to prolong the life of your clothing by using good laundry care products.