Fabulous Dress Project


Fabulous Dress Project

Can a pure white dress stay perfectly fabulous, stain after stain, wash after wash?
Skip is going to find out.

One white dress will put Skip washing powder to the test to prove it can protect the fibres and the fabulous of your most treasured garments. 

Celeste Arendse of Selfi will be using her artistic talents to create beautiful stain patterns on one of her Selfi dresses, and Aisha Baker of Baked The Blog will be wearing them and presenting the project to her fans on social media.  Not only is the dress a bespoke creation, but as the project gets underway, Celeste will transform the dress after every wash, using ingredients found in the average household pantry.



Celeste Arendse creating beautiful patterns using common household ingredients.

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The project is aimed at demonstrating that Skip’s enzyme+ technology keeps clothes looking fabulous, wash after wash.

Bringing the campaign further to life, Aisha will wear the dress to several meetings and social occasions between now and 7 May 2015. The full process will be documented and showcased to the public at First Thursday in Cape Town on 7 May at Bean There Café in the CBD from 17h30. Shortly thereafter, The Expresso Show will be covering the project on SABC3.

To watch the metamorphosis of this once off - and once off again and again - dress, follow the process on these Instagram accounts: @bakedtheblog and @celeste_selfi and search the #FabulousDressProject hashtag.

Fashion blogger Aisha Baker wearing the #FabulousDressProject at Haas Coffee Shop in Cape Town

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