Fabulous Scarf Trends


Fabulous Scarf Trends

Skip Unveils the Most Fabulous Scarf Trends

When it comes to your eye-catching outfit, scarves are no longer just the supporting act. There’s a scarf revolution on its way, and it’s turning fashion on its head. We’ve got some garment tips on how to make the most of your scarves. Read on to learn more about adding style and flair to your look with this simple, yet versatile accessory.

Wearing a scarf around your neck

There is a traditional way in which to wear a scarf, but there are also a number of different alternatives when it comes to donning this fabulous adornment.

The cascade

Skip loves the Cascade Scarf Trend Photo credit: http://www.redbookmag.com/fashion/how-to/g1881/scarf-tying-techniques/?slide=1 This is a stylish way to lift a simple tee and jeans and make it more sophisticated with a long, rectangular scarf. Step 1 Hold the scarf by one corner, then grab it with your other hand about two thirds of the way down. Step 2 Wrap the section between your hands around the back of your neck. Step 3 Loop the long end in front and around your neck. Loosen the loop and adjust so the tails are uneven.

The over-under

Another way in which to wear a long, rectangular scarf is the ‘over-under’ way, which is a casual and funky style. Step 1 Put the scarf on with the ends dangling down your back, then cross the ends behind your neck and bring them forward to make a loose loop. Step 2 Take a tail and thread it over and under the loop until you reach the center, and repeat on the other side.

The pretzel

If you have a big, square scarf, try ‘the pretzel’. Step 1 Turn the scarf into a long strip by folding two opposing corners in, then folding it twice lengthwise. Put it on with the ends dangling down your back. Bring one around to the front. Step 2 Thread that end under the front of the scarf, then bring the other end around. Step 3 Thread the second end under the first end and then over the front of the scarf, so that it looks like a giant pretzel around your neck. Skip Loves the Pretzel Scarf Trend Photo credit: blog.ltdcommodities.com

The cowgirl

The ‘cowgirl’ is a good one, especially when you’re wearing a jacket. This method works best with a big, square scarf. Step 1 Fold the scarf into a triangle. Put it on so that the ends of the long side of the triangle dangle down your back. Step 2 Cross both ends behind your neck and bring them in front, pulling them forward so the scarf sits close to your neck. Step 3 Thread the tails inwards so you have a triangular shaped scarf, just like a cowgirl. Yee-haw! Now that we’ve covered the basics of traditional scarf wearing, here are some creative takes on how to ‘scarf’ it up!

Tie your silk scarf around your wrist

It makes sense if you think about it. It’s like wearing bangles, bracelets or a watch around your wrists, except it’s got that added flair. Give it a try on a sunny day, paired with a simple spaghetti top and shorts. Skip Loves the Scarf Around the Wrist Trend Photo credit: elle.co.za

Wear your silk scarf as a headband

Rock it like Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton who started the trend. The headband can be as thick or as thin as you like, depending how the scarf is folded. It’s a fun way in which to pep up your look on an easy-going day. Skip Loves the Headband Scarf Trend

Use your scarf to tie your ponytail

Instead of the usual scrunchie, use a bright scarf to add a splash of colour to your hair. Tie it around your ponytail and let the ends drape downwards.

Wear it as a belt

If you’ve got fun, colourful prints, take a long scarf and fold it into a rectangular shape to the width you prefer. Then simply tie it around your waist. If you’re a bigger lady, wear it lower down on your hips. This will make your torso look longer and slimmer. Skip Loves the Scarf Waist Belt Trend

Accessorise your purse or handbag

If you want to change the look of your handbag or purse, jazz it up by tying a large scarf around the handle. That way, you can use the same handbag and pair it with different outfits just by changing the scarf around the handle. Now that’s versatility!

Create a sexy v-line with an outfit

Fold a rectangular scarf, put it around your neck and tuck it into your blouse or jacket. This works very well for shorter ladies because it makes the neck look longer, thus making you look taller.

Use your scarf as an attractive necklace

Take a rectangular scarf and fold it lengthwise to whatever width you like. Clip a pendant or a brooch on the center of it and you’ve got an instant necklace. That’s just another way in which to add sophistication to your look without too much effort.

Turn your scarf into a tie

Tie your scarf just like you would a man’s necktie. But instead of sliding the knot right up to the neckline and tightening it, pull it lower so that it forms a loose v-shape. If you are wearing something that has a v-line, then place the scarf knot in line with the other V. The vertical column it creates has a slimming effect. Skip Loves the Scarf Tie Trend Photo credit: http://www.brit.co/15-ways-to-style-a-scarf/ Now that you’ve got a few new ways to glam up, get crafty and make the scarf work for you! Remember to keep a bottle of Skip liquid detergent handy, so that your favourite clothing items stay looking fabulous!