Fashion Habits


Fashion Habits
High fashion might come with high prices, but looking, feeling and staying supremely fashionable doesn’t. It also has less to do with dressing up in cutting edge trends or being a disciple of fashion and style’s most complex tricks. All that it takes is a few wardrobe essentials, a good eye and these 6 easy steps.

1. Bring on the motorcycle jacket

Regardless of the occasion, there’s a lot that a good leather motorcycle jacket can bring to your look. Whether the event calls for a formal gown or it’s just your average jeans-and-tee day, a leather jacket suits both styles perfectly and adds a bit of effortless cool and class.

2. Embracing Contrasts

Ever thought of wearing an oversized top with short shorts? Or a formal skirt with a cute crop top? Each provides a stunning contrast, and when paired with different materials, going small and large can be stunning. Just remember to invest in a quality liquid detergent for reliable laundry care.

3. Get labelled

Style doesn’t require being covered from head to toe in designer wear, but simply wearing the right label in the right place can take your outfit to new heights. Whether it’s a handbag, sunglasses, bangles or shoes, a designer item will bring high-end authenticity to your daily look. So go on, get that Prada, Gucci or Chanel item that you’ve been dreaming about - you’ll be really glad you did.

4. Go for the very-loosely-tucked-in look

As they say, ‘less is more’, and there’s nothing more stylish than a loosely tucked in item of clothing. Go on, try it! Tuck in that tee, that shirt or even that sweater. tuckIn

5. Top it off with a hat

Hats. They’re more than just a great solution for a bad hair day. As an accessory, they can help you to make quite the statement.

6. Glam up with sunglasses

Skip Loves Sunglasses Aviators, cat eyes, oversized or wayfarer, sunglasses are the perfect fashion accessories to wear wherever, whenever. Plus, they save you all of that time and effort that it would normally take to apply layers of eye make-up. These 6 tips will help you look amazing and will also give you the confidence boost that you need in order to bring out your inner fashionista. For more tips read A New Year Full of Trends.