Fashion know-how on Pinterest


Fashion know-how on Pinterest

Discover how Pinterest can help you stay ahead of the latest fashion trends

The time of South Africans being behind in the world of fashion, design and everything beautiful has come to an end. Social media has brought the world to its fingertips and it has brought the newest and trendiest looks straight to our dressing tables. How do you keep up with what is hot to wear this week? If there is anybody or any trend to follow and share with your friends, it's on Pinterest. This social media platform allows you to find anything and everything fashion-related, especially when following Skip South Africa. Gather a group of your fashion-crazed friends and show them your world of taste by discovering and re-pinning anything that you find that could possibly be considered the next denim dazzler.



Are you the sort of girl who takes it upon herself to discover what is hot or not, or are you a sheep? Don't let yourself fall into the category of merely being a fashion watcher. Become a fashionista instead! With everything at your disposal, Pinterest allows you to refine your searches in order to find exactly what you are looking for. From the perfect summer outfit, to hints and tips on how much leopard print to wear at any given time, Pinterest has it all. Check out some hot looks that may be popular come autumn, and give yourself the bragging rights to say that you saw it coming. You have an opportunity to post suggestions rather than a status, share your personal thoughts on whether Jennifer Aniston still has it or not, and you can pin rather than poke.


No matter what the season, you can now read up on what is trending in New York, and compare it to something utterly beautiful from New Guinea. Remember that you are your own woman, you don't have to succumb to what the most popular fashion magazines have to say, you can go out and discover your own fashion trends, talk about them and make them your own. You can set up different boards on your profile and gain a following of all sorts of fashion lovers who respect and eagerly await your next discovery. Whether you think that army green is this summer's go-to colour, or whether pale grey and nude combos are something that everybody should consider, have your own voice and become your own Coco Channel with the help of Pinterest.

You don't always have to experience the daily pressures where everybody relies on you for their daily dressing tips; follow other Pinterest users who have a knack for choosing outfits that are simply splendid. Certain individuals post websites that are connected to their own clothing lines, while others write blogs and are simply looking for followers just like you. Open up your network and explore a world that is awaiting your arrival and your individual tastes, garment tips and expertise.

Sometimes all that you need is the right tool to express yourself and by following Skip South Africa on Pinterest, you can take full advantage of the opportunity to have your say about fashion, beauty and everything in between. It's your fashion week boutique, allowing you to explore and share what you absolutely love and what you would wear from a lunch date to meeting your mother-in-law. Just don’t forget to pick up some Skip detergent or auto washing powder for effortless, lasting laundry care, keeping your favourite garments looking beautiful wash after wash.