Fashion on holiday


Fashion on holiday

The cool-girl's guide to trendy holiday fashion

Whether you're packing a shoulder-strapped bag for the weekend at your boyfriend's place or you are heading down to Plett for the week before Christmas, there is always a fashion and beauty checklist. No matter what your plans are and who you are spending your getaway with, you know as much as I do that you can't ever be too prepared. The first thing that my mother taught me is that I should always look my best, because you absolutely never know who you are going to meet! Let's go through what's going to give you that glowing smile and boat-rocking confidence.

•  This summer looks to be an absolute scorcher, and I don't mean the weather. Do you want to be the woman who’s giving people whiplash or do you want to be sulking your entire trip with envy over others and their stunning fashion choices? There are certain things that you should never be without this holiday. The first thing, without even opening your bag, is your friends. When going to the beach, down to the mall or partying until the sun comes up, your friends' style is a reflection of you. They are your sisters - and if they look good, so will you. So when packing your sack of essentials, think of the girls you are going to be with, what not only suits you, but what suits 'Paula' and 'Ari' too.

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•  Even though black and white are showing staying power with their strong contrasts, the fiery hue of orange really is the new black. The hue of bright colours makes summer all that much warmer this year. There is no need to look at specific items because we are all different and we all suit different styles (mostly), but this is summer and if there is any time to show some skin with a colourful garment, it's now. The thing that catches a man's eyes at an alarming rate is a strapless shoulder. Invest in some strapless bras or boob-tube bikinis for underneath oversized t-shirts and stretched jerseys. Leave something to the onlooker's imagination, but there is nothing wrong with pointing them in the right direction. With exposing yourself to the elements come some consequences, so don't forget your summer sunhat to give your face and shoulders a rest from the rays. Partially covering up attracts the eye to other features, so remember that with a lot of sun comes some ultra-sexy bronzed legs. Whether you are prone to turning a dark shade of caramel or not, you are going to soak up some high levels of Vitamin D, so make sure that you maximise the opportunity with high-waisted shorts and skimpy sundresses.

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•  You are letting your hair down, not your standards. Always ensure that you and your girls are dressed for wherever your adventure may lead you, and I mean anywhere. No outfit should suit every scenario. If something is a jack-of-all-trades, it's a master of none, so remember to wear what is best for the occasion and you will look your best. Remember that if you look after your fashion, it will look after you, get your hands on Skip automatic washing powders and intelligent detergents today for the ultimate in effortless laundry care.