Heat Wave Conundrum


Heat Wave Conundrum
Figuring out what to wear to work and play in the sweltering summer heat is a conundrum that many of us struggle with. One would think that staying cool whilst looking cool is an easy thing to achieve, given how exciting spring and summer trends can be. However, as the weather gets warmer, spring and summer wardrobe essentials and trends can present one with many day-to-day challenges. Summer’s shorter hemlines, sheer and lightweight fabrics, short shorts and flimsy dresses – all of which have been designed to keep you cool - don’t always transition well when it comes to the move from work to play, day to night and from the beach to the bar. This means that one needs to be clever and creative when it comes to keeping, and looking, cool in summer.


Similar to when we were in school, most of us keep our “school uniforms” - aka our work wear - separate to our “civvies” - aka our weekend or evening wear. We tend to believe that it is inappropriate for the one to cross over into the other, especially when it comes to summer style. However, this doesn’t have to be the case as it is possible to make your summer wardrobe work across spheres of your life. If you have the right pieces in your wardrobe, such as classic, simple and good quality transitional lightweight pieces that can allow for layering in winter and can be worn as is in summer, you will be able to take your look from work to play without any effort at all.


Wearing distressed denim cut-offs to the office is definitely not appropriate. However, you can still indulge in the trend by investing in a pair of printed city shorts or Bermuda shorts which can be worn with a lightweight blouse for the office, or a naturally cooling white cotton t-shirt for a casual weekend at the market. The key is to invest in versatile pieces that you can wear under almost anything, such as lightweight outerwear in neutral colours that can be easily paired with bright summer hues and prints to style up or style down an outfit. Think of black, white, soft greys and denim to wear over your vivacious outfit, easily transforming your look from play to work, and vice versa. An example would be to pair a slouchy soft blazer with a heat-friendly printed tea dress to make it more appropriate for the office or to throw a denim trucker over your “work only” sleeveless shift dress when meeting some friends at the pub.


Besides lightweight, transitional outerwear, a versatile summer wardrobe can also be achieved by investing in cool and comfortable clothing basics like t-shirts, vests, camisoles, shorts, skirts, dresses and trousers in natural fabrics such as cotton and silk, or by choosing pale coloured woven fabrics over knitwear because dark colours absorb light and heat. This logical and long term approach to your summer wardrobe will mean that you will be able to have a wardrobe that can be worn all year round if correctly styled up or down by mixing it up with colour, prints and different statement pieces. A good quality camisole can be worn under a soft grey blazer at work with a pair of trousers and then worn under a sheer blouse the following week.

Remember that once you have invested in these summer essentials, you need to purchase a liquid detergent or washing powder that will effectively care for fibres and leave your items looking effortlessly fresh and clean. The great news is that Skip products keep your clothing choices looking as good as new for longer. Why? Because the Skip team is just as passionate about fashion as you are!