Holiday Fabulous


Holiday Fabulous

Skip on how to be Holiday Fabulous

Every girl needs a getaway every now and again. After all, being fabulous can be a job on its own! However, when planning a holiday away, almost every fashionista will face one main challenge: packing light! Whether you’re going ‘bundu-bashing’, to the coast, on a ladies retreat, or to some exotic place with your plus one, you can’t be hauling a load of suitcases. So how do you choose what goes along and what you leave behind? It’s all about elimination, as image consultant, Omphile Ngwenya, put it. Keep reading and we’ll give you some valuable tips.

Create an itinerary

Knowing what your trip will include will guide you on what you need to pack. Maybe you won’t need your ball gown or those nine-inch heels if you are visiting the Kruger Park? And, if you are visiting a spa with the girls, maybe that bulky jacket isn’t necessary seeing as though you probably won’t need to venture outdoors all that often?

Check the weather

If you’re going to an area with a tropical climate, you won’t need a fur coat, but you may need a raincoat. This will also give you an idea of what to do with your hair for the trip.

Lay everything out

Take all of your favourite wearable items and arrange them neatly on your bedroom floor. Then choose two basic colours, black and red, for instance. Now you can eliminate and co-ordinate. Take garments of a solid colour: skirt, top, pants and jacket to match, and then add blouses, tops and sweaters in a variety of colours. Remember, comfort is most important, so allow for weight gain/loss in garments, you are on holiday after all! Oh, and don’t forget to bring your Skip laundry detergent along with you to ensure the ultimate in fabric care.

Accessories, accessories



Accessories do not take up much space, plus, just by adding or taking away items like a scarf, you can make one outfit work for a couple of occasions. Don’t forget to pack a scarf, a pair of gloves, and one or two hats for colder weather. Only take your jewellery that is simple and inexpensive.

Feet first

Depending on the type of holiday that you are planning, you may be doing a lot of walking or, alternatively, sitting with your feet up sipping on a sundowner. Either way, shoes must be comfortable for walking, so make sure that you have a pair of flats, as well as a fancy pair of heels and, if you stay fit even while you’re away, a pair of running shoes!

The little stuff goes a long way

Take an underwear pouch and three sets of underwear. A kaftan that can double as a robe is also a great idea. Along with this, be sure to pack soft pliable slippers, socks, stockings, a small towel, shower cap, sponge, soap and a small hairdryer with an international plug (you don’t want your weave acting up in ‘who knows where’). A swimming cossie and a sarong are a must. Your costume can also double as a body suit in the evening. A sarong is the most versatile item in your suitcase. Depending on how you tie it, a sarong can be worn as a halter-neck dress, skirt, and playsuit, and can also replace a beach towel and casual bag (make a shoulder sling out of it). To make the most of the space that you have, pack your clothes flat or rolled up, with heavy garments at the bottom. If you’ve got those vacuum-seal packs, you can get away with slipping in a few extra items.

Hand luggage


This should be with you at all times and should hold all of your travel documents, sunglasses, a few toiletries, medication, a book, camera (if your smartphone takes great pics, which the latest do, then rather leave the bulky camera at home), etc. Tips from seasoned travellers:
 • Make photocopies of all travel documents and keep them separate from your hand luggage.
 • A small torch and alarm clock are always useful (we suggest downloading a torch app for your smartphone).
 • Thermal underwear is a must for cold weather.
 • Panty liners help you to stay fresh on long journeys - this is import, ladies!
 • Take a calculator to calculate all of the exchange rate conversions (once again, if you can, rather use your smartphone.) If you don’t already have a power bank, you should invest in one so that your battery never lets you down, especially after all of the selfies that you’ll be posting on your timeline!
 • Choose polyester blend garments, which are more crease-resistant and able to drip-dry.
 • Pack your Skip liquid detergent– it goes a long way
The overall consensus is to travel light, eliminate and take only what you can carry. Enjoy your vay-cay, and remember to always stay fabulous!