How to edit your wardrobe to work better for you

How to edit your wardrobe to work better for you
We all know someone who looks good all the time and somehow seems like they never wear the same thing twice. These people don’t necessarily have a wardrobe to rival a Disney story. Instead, they have mastered the careful art of wardrobe editing. Here are some tips to help you achieve a versatile and stylish wardrobe.

Understand your distinct style

Your lifestyle, hobbies and job are essential factors when choosing your wardrobe. Be sensitive to the specific culture of your environment when making choices about your clothes. Choose outfits that will not only suit the occasion but will also express your personality.

Always be comfortable

When you are uncomfortable in your outfit, it usually shows. As much as style is a huge factor when sorting through your wardrobe, comfort is just as important. Select clothes that make you feel great and the confidence thereof will follow.

Know what suits your body

Choose clothes that suit your body type. Bear in mind that many of the fashion icons you may follow don’t usually have the same body type as you – what looks great on them may not work for you. Choose the right shape and fit for your clothes and you can look great no matter your body type.

Fit is about more than sizing

Fit reaches far beyond simple sizing – each retailer will have a general sizing guide that is intended to fit a broad range of body types. Because everyone has a different body shape, off the peg sizing is a general guideline. From season to season and from retailer to retailer you may notice variations in the fit of clothing. So, it always helps to try clothes on before you buy them.

Choose colour carefully

Too much or too little colour can be limiting in your wardrobe. While you want to have trendy items that make a statement or basics that would suit any outfit, adding more colour to your wardrobe of only whites, greys, nudes, and blacks may just spark a new trend. After all, isn’t that how colour-blocking came about? Try to vary your colour choices to key items that suit you without flooding your wardrobe with pieces that are bound to go out of fashion.

Opt for quality…

Select high-quality fabrics and good tailoring to ensure your clothes don’t look shabby after the first wash. This is why it’s so important to use a good quality detergent to help prolong the life of your items. So that when people compliment your outfit, you can say “what, this old thing?” with confidence!

…quality doesn’t necessarily cost a fortune

While you should look for quality, the cost of your items doesn’t have to be through the roof. A good quality item of clothing can be well priced too, it’s just a matter of keeping your eye out for sales. Alternatively, look out for things like clothing swaps and second-hand stores where you can find a pre-loved high-quality garment for a fraction of the price.

Stick to the basics

A strong base of simple pieces that can be paired with almost anything in your closet will make your life a lot easier. Try to maintain a good set of basic items to offer flexibility and functionality.

A classic never goes out of style

Trends come and go but a classic item of clothing wears far beyond a season. Hold on to simple and classic items like pencil skirts, crisp white shirts and black court shoes and you will wear them for years. Pair classics with on-trend items to get versatility from your wardrobe. With these style and garment tips, you’ll be able to upgrade your wardrobe according to your fashion needs.