It’s in the bag


It’s in the bag

Whether you are a seasoned collector of bags of all shapes and sizes or a functional one-style carry bag type of person, there is something for everyone this season. Bags are such a practical aspect of fashion and they can also be a great statement item to add to an outfit. Here are some of this season’s bag trends and some stain removal tips for how to keep them stylish for longer.

Statement straps. These are a big one this Summer, from braided swatches of multi-coloured fabrics to rich ethnic cloth, bags with accent straps will set your carrier apart and turn it into a super-accessory. This is a great way to elevate a classic carry bag to the next level and to set it apart for this season.

Tip: Woven and embroidered straps can be cleaned by first removing excess dirt with a soft bristled scrubbing brush. Next, dilute some fabric stain remover in warm water to make a soapy mixture. Dab the fabric gently with a soft cloth or sponge to remove any remaining dirt.

Micro matters. Micro bags are a quirky trend that have taken over the runways and everyday wardrobes this season. They can be worn on a bag as a tiny feature or on their own as an ode to simpler times and are popular in pastel and patterned leather. These pocket-sized pouches are adorable and unconventional for anyone feeling a little edgy.

Tip: To clean leather use a mixture of cold water and liquid detergent. Using a soft cloth wring all excess liquid and gently wipe the surface. Use a water dampened cloth to remove any soapy residue.

Oversized and under control. Oversized totes offer a firm alternative to the micro bag, after all, not everyone is keen on the minimalist life. Large printed and vibrant oversized shoulder bags are trendy and useful in fabrics that range from luxury satin to printed canvas.

Tip: Cleaning canvas, even if it’s printed is a cinch. Hand wash your canvas bag by adding a mild detergent to a bucket or basin of water. Allow it to soak for 10-15 minutes and then gently work the fabric before rinsing with plain water to remove excess soap.

From tiny intricate weaves to bright chains and everything in between, your bag can go further than simply carrying your belongings this season. Why not pursue fun accessory trends to make a statement this summer?