Keep Jeans Looking Fabulous


Keep Jeans Looking Fabulous

SKIP reveals 10 ways to keep your jeans in great condition

Jeans are, and always will be, a wardrobe essential. Whether you’re rocking casual jeans and a tee with flip-flops or sneakers, or whether you’re dressing them up with heels and a blouse, denim is one of those fashion favourites that are here to stay! That’s why we want to help you to properly care for this incredible fabric that has kept men and women looking fabulous for decades!

1. Read the care label

There’s a reason it’s there. Not all denim is designed equally. Some pieces are designed to fade, while for others, washing may not be advisable. It’s important to read the care instructions before washing and wearing each garment. The label will provide clear instructions on how to care for your denim.

2. Don’t wash your jeans too often

Experts recommend that you don't wash new denim for at least four to six months! From then on, you should wash your denim items as little as possible. Sound a little grubby? You can put them into the freezer to kill off any bacteria that may have accumulated. Air your jeans out in between wears to keep them smelling fresh. Constant washing can lead to the fading and thinning of the fabric, so it’s advisable to only wash when necessary and, when you do, wash denim items by themselves or with other denims. The dye in denim can bleed, destroying other items that may also be in the machine. Also, be sure to use a high quality liquid detergent to ensure the best laundry care possible.

Washing Jeans with a Liquid Detergent

3. Get your jeans tailored to the correct length

Ever had to deal with annoying frayed hems? This means that your jeans are too long and that you should have them tailored. Yes, the look can be a trend, but it certainly doesn’t look professional if you plan on wearing your jeans to the office.

Skip Recommends Having Your Jeans Tailored

4. Wash by hand

You’re probably looking at this laundry care tip and thinking ‘No ways!’, right? Well, here’s why you really should consider it. If your denim is stretchy, hand-washing will help the fabric to maintain its elasticity. Also, washing your jeans in the washing machine disrupts pigmentation and causes colour to bleed, resulting in fading and damage to other items. If this wasn’t enough reason to start hand-washing your denim items, it is also important to note that the tumbling motion used by the washing machine causes damage to the stretch of the fabric. It really is a labour of love, but you'll be wearing your favorite jeans much longer because of it.

If you’re still too lazy to hand wash, then make sure to treat your jeans as ‘delicates’ and select a gentle cycle on the machine. Also, you should always wash with cold water and use a color-preserving liquid detergent, like Skip Liquid.

Tip: Washing denim inside out will help to keep the dye from fading.

5. Don’t use the dryer

We all know that denim loosens as we wear it, so we're always tempted to toss our jeans into the dryer so that they're skin-tight when we put them back on. This is a no-no because it damages the denim fibers. After washing, rather hang your jeans upside down or lay them flat in the sun. This will minimise any creases and eliminate the need for ironing. If you do need to use a dryer, use the lowest heat setting and remove the jeans before they are completely dry.

6. Try steaming instead of washing

Giving your jeans a quick steam will not only smooth out some of the creases, but will also help to get rid of any unsavory scents.

7. Buy the right size

While tight jeans have been all the rage for a while now, the truth is that your body will look so much better in a pair of jeans that actually fit. Buying your jeans in the right size will give you a great look that lasts, and is both classy and elegant. Remember, the stretchier and softer the fabric is, the more likely it is to tear.

8. Don’t bleach your jeans

Bleach causes the yarn to deteriorate. To avoid harming the fabric, wash with Skip Concentrated Liquid, for a thorough clean with the most effective cleaning and laundry care ingredients. This Skip product also assists in protecting the fabric. Eliminate grass stains by rubbing alcohol onto the stain and then washing off with soapy water. Chewing gum can be removed by freezing the area or rubbing ice into it. As a general rule, soapy water will help to remove most stains. It’s also important to repair any holes or tears in order to stop them from growing larger.

9. Fold your jeans

Instead of hanging them in your closet, or shoving them into your laundry basket, you should be folding your jeans. Doing so prevents creases and helps to keep the shape of the jeans intact.

Skip Reveals the Benefits of Folding Your Jeans

10. You're keeping stuff in your pockets

Cell phones, bank cards, coins and lipstick— we all put stuff into our pockets and forget about them. Doing this too often affects the shape of your jeans, leaving permanent marks, and making them more prone to tearing in those particular areas. Use your handbag – it’s big enough! Let’s hope that these garment tips will help to keep your jeans looking great and fitting like new for much longer. Remember to use a good detergent like Skip Liquid, or try out the new Skip Concentrated Liquid to keep your garments looking amazing – we love what you’re wearing just as much as you do!