Look Out Autumn 2015


Look Out Autumn 2015
It’s always exciting when there’s a new season just around the corner. Fashionistas get to have all of the fun while stocking up on the latest trends and making sure that they have an outfit to make a lasting impression each and every day. We had a look at the autumn/winter collections showcased at SA Fashion Week and chatted to Naledi Buthelezi, a fashion buyer at one of the country’s leading retailers, about what to look out for this autumn. And the great news is that you can even find some of the must-have items on spree.co.za

It’s a blue affair

Blue is the colour of the season. You can expect to see clothing lines decorated in every shade, from icy pastel blues to strong cobalt hues. There’s certainly a blue out there that will look great on you. You won’t go wrong if you pair it with tangerine!

Boho baby

That classic gypsy look is definitely in this autumn. Make sure that you get yourself a couple of boho items and stay trending. This comfy style will have you looking good for a while to come.

Shirt dresses

Click the link here to buy this item on SPREE: Skip Loves Shirt Dresses These throw-over long tops are a favourite thanks to the simple style that they offer. They are going to be lining the clothes aisles this autumn, and the nice thing about them is that you can style each shirt dress differently every time you wear one. Over shorts, leggings or even on its own, it guarantees you more than just a few outfit options.

Go big or go home

Click the link here to buy this item on SPREE: Skip Says That Big Jewellery is In Sexy, figure-hugging styles have hibernated for the meantime, and classic oversized items are the new buzz. Shirts and dresses are coming your way in designs that scream ‘bigger is better’. Another trend that Naledi notes is how accessories are taking the forefront for the coming season. They are bigger, bolder and more exaggerated. It seems that as we tighten up on our spending, fashionistas are making simpler clothing choices and adding bolder accessories in an effort to give their looks that ‘wow’ factor. Big hats, neckpieces, bangles, earrings and bags are all must-haves this season!

Denim won’t let you down

Denim is a wardrobe staple and stays trending throughout the seasons. This autumn sees the ‘torn look’ make a comeback. Think ripped pockets, knees, thighs and elbows.

African prints

Click the link here to buy this item on SPREE: Skip Loves African Print Fashion Earlier this year, we tagged African prints as a trend to look out for in 2015. Well, by the looks of it, we were right – what a great feeling! Designers are taking African prints and giving them a modern spin, making for some super stylish outfits which we find irresistible. Be on the lookout for these inspired themes.

Active wear

That ‘I’m on my way to a work out’ look is in for autumn, and you can get all dressed up and still look as chilled as ever in sports luxe. Check out some awesome sweatpants and sneakers here.

Something for the guys

We always seem to leave the guys out when we speak about fashion, so here’s a special trend forecast just for them. We’re seeing a lot more gray suits coming to the fore. Grey is a hue of blue, after all! It would seem that grey is the new black, as there are very few dark-coloured items currently on the runway. Even in terms of shoes, you’ll find that more whites, greys and blues are popular this season. In footwear, tassles are back with a vengeance, even on ladies footwear, in fact. Shoe designers are adding white soles to most items. Birkenstock, or what we know as ‘veldskoene’, have also been picked out as a trend this autumn. And military is a definite must have as well. So what about your bag then? Worry not, the duffel bag is here. Backpacks are the ‘in’ thing and you don’t want to be left behind, so shop for the one that you like here. Click the link here to buy this item on SPREE: Skip Loves Birkenstock We hope that you are inspired and ready for what the season has in store for us fashion lovers. Remember, you can shop your heart out at the click of a mouse on www.spree.co.za. Be big, bold and blue this autumn! PS – love your clothes and care for them with Skip’s range of intelligent detergents.