#Myfabulous Collection


#Myfabulous Collection

Each range as unique as the city it’s inspired by

In celebration of South Africa’s different fashion styles and unique approach to dressing up, Skip South Africa called on residents of Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town to inspire a range that would represent their city. From 31 May, lovers of local fashion have been creating virtual mood boards on Instagram for fashion designers Sibu Msimang from Durban (@SibuMsimang), Rich Mnisi from Johannesburg (@Rich_Mnisi), and Jenevieve Lyons from Cape Town (@Jenevieve_Lyons).  Each city had its own hashtag (#MyFabulousDBN, #MyFabulousJHB and #MyFabulousCPT) so the designers could follow the development of the boards in real time. Revealed to the public for the first time, the designers showcased their ranges at the Skip Fashion Exchange event in Johannesburg on 13 August 2015.

#MyFabulous Designer Collection Rich Mnisi

  RichComp Says Rich Mnisi of the experience, “Drawing inspiration from Instagram was a challenge. You need to see the images through the eyes of the contributor, and try to understand their creative process. I placed the images in single themes as people were posting photos of similar buildings and spaces and the differences were coming through in how they interpreted the beauty. The angles and the final edits varied yet the structure was repeated on the feed, so the concept of unique and individual interpretation is what appeared as most frequent, and so it became the theme.” The result is a collection for confident and romantic women. There are structured lines, blue and white hues and a different take on denim. It feels urban and edgy. “It's a range open to interpretation thus it's aesthetic or the way it is presented does not determine anything for the wearer.”
15_Skip_SDR_2987 15_Skip_SDR_2991 15_Skip_SDR_2994
15_Skip_SDR_3002 15_Skip_SDR_3007 15_Skip_SDR_3022
15_Skip_SDR_3030 15_Skip_SDR_3032 15_Skip_SDR_3040
15_Skip_SDR_3055 15_Skip_SDR_3060 15_Skip_SDR_3081
15_Skip_SDR_3085 15_Skip_SDR_3089 15_Skip_SDR_3108
15_Skip_SDR_3114 15_Skip_SDR_3119 15_Skip_SDR_3141
15_Skip_SDR_3151 15_Skip_SDR_3242 15_Skip_SDR_3245
15_Skip_SDR_3252 15_Skip_SDR_2980

#MyFabulous Designer Collection Jenevieve Lyons

  JenevieveComp During the inspiration phase of the campaign, Cape Town experienced a lot of mist and cold. Jenevieve Lyons captures this in her range using muted colours and sheer fabrics. “My collection, called Disparent, is a combination of transparent and solid pieces with cleverly cut garments to capture the beautiful linear lines and textures of Cape Town’s buildings with misty overlays. It’s a trans-seasonal range for a fashion conscious women who longs for high quality design and buys into separates that can be carried through more than one season.” The devil is in the detail with Jenevieve’s range. Getting up close to the garments, you become aware of the layering, and panelling used to bring this range with strong asymmetrical designs to life on the runway.
15_Skip_SDR_3070 15_Skip_SDR_3074 15_Skip_SDR_3079
15_Skip_SDR_3094 15_Skip_SDR_3097 15_Skip_SDR_3122
15_Skip_SDR_3125 15_Skip_SDR_3170 15_Skip_SDR_3180
15_Skip_SDR_3206 15_Skip_SDR_3210 15_Skip_SDR_3260
15_Skip_SDR_3266 15_Skip_SDR_3296 15_Skip_SDR_3299
15_Skip_SDR_3337 15_Skip_SDR_3342 15_Skip_SDR_3343
15_Skip_SDR_3374 15_Skip_SDR_3382 15_Skip_SDR_3427

#MyFabulous Designer Collection Sibu Msimang

  SibuComp Durban-based designer, Sibu Msimang, drew inspiration from arts, crafts, beautiful pieces of jewellery and people she met on the street. “People posted the most amazing pics of Moses Mabhida Stadium as well as interesting graffiti art and the beach. We really live in a beautiful city with the most beautiful weather. Being a part of Skip #MyFabulous made me look at Durban through fresh eyes and appreciate everything around me. Durban is more than just a landscape. It’s the people. “Embracing Durban’s rich Indian heritage, I used a lot of spicy colours like masala and saffron toned down with cream and beige. I also took a few images from Instagram and had them digitally printed on to fabric so you’ll see beautiful landmarks coming through in my range accessorised with traditional beaded jewellery.” Three contributors in each of the cities will win their respective designers range, and attendees at the Skip Fashion Exchange, had an opportunity to exchange several items for #MyFabulous designer pieces on the night.
15_Skip_SDR_3157 15_Skip_SDR_3163 15_Skip_SDR_3167
15_Skip_SDR_3182 15_Skip_SDR_3189 15_Skip_SDR_3193
15_Skip_SDR_3201 15_Skip_SDR_3219 15_Skip_SDR_3224
15_Skip_SDR_3230 15_Skip_SDR_3233 15_Skip_SDR_3281
15_Skip_SDR_3282 15_Skip_SDR_3287 15_Skip_SDR_3289
15_Skip_SDR_3312 15_Skip_SDR_3316 15_Skip_SDR_3320
15_Skip_SDR_3324 15_Skip_SDR_3327 15_Skip_SDR_3348
15_Skip_SDR_3359 15_Skip_SDR_3361 15_Skip_SDR_3366
15_Skip_SDR_3407 15_Skip_SDR_3414 15_Skip_SDR_3421
15_Skip_SDR_3438 15_Skip_SDR_3457 15_Skip_SDR_3460
15_Skip_SDR_3461 15_Skip_SDR_3470 15_Skip_SDR_3474
15_Skip_SDR_3476 15_Skip_SDR_3484 15_Skip_SDR_3495
15_Skip_SDR_3505 15_Skip_SDR_3514
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