#MyFabulous Inspiration


#MyFabulous Inspiration

#MyFabulousCPT sassy residents take the lead in the #MyFabulous Inspiration phase

Skip_MyFabulousCPT_LR Cape Town, 23 June 2015: Cape Town fashionistas love a challenge and have taken the lead in the Skip #MyFabulous campaign with close to 440 #MyFabulousCPT images posted to date (23 June). Durban is a close second with over 380 #MyFabulousDBN posts but landlocked Jozi is lagging behind with only 258 #MyFabulousJHB posts.


Who would’ve thought it would come to this? A competition between sea side cities…


#MyFabulous celebrates each city’s unique style. Fashion Designers Sibu Msimang from Durban (@SibuMsimang), Rich Mnisi from Johannesburg (@Rich_Mnisi), and Jenevieve Lyonsfrom Cape Town (@Jenevieve_Lyons) are relying on the public to create virtual Instagram mood boards to inspire their respective city’s range. The campaign officially launched on 31 May 2015 with a series of weekly Instawalks in the participating cities and continues with SkipSouthAfrica posting themed InstaChallenges for its followers on Instagram until the end of June. In July, the designers go into production phase. They’ll be taking the photographs from Instagram and translating the images into garments. Come 13 August, each collection will be revealed to the public at the Skip Fashion Exchange event in Johannesburg. By simply submitting an image and using the hashtag for your city, participants stand a chance to win one of the limited edition collections worth R50, 000.

No time for Instawalks? You can still inspire your city’s fabulous collection by doing the following:

 • Every week in June, Skip will post Instagram Challenges on its account, SkipSouthAfrica, asking for your interpretation of the colours, textures, shapes and other themes that define your favourite city’s look.
 • Tag your images with the hashtags so the designers and the public can track your submissions by searching Instagram for #MyFabulousDBN, #MyFabulousJHB and #MyFabulousCPT.
 • At the end of the project in August, the designers will choose the most inspiring contributor from their city. The winner will receive their respective city’s limited edition collection tailored to fit them.
For regular updates on the inspiration coming through, follow @SkipSouthAfrica and check in with @SibuMsimang, @Rich_Mnisi, and @Jenevieve_Lyons on Instagram. Skip’s Facebook page and Twitter accounts will also be posting updates.