Never Go Out of Style


Never Go Out of Style
There are a few timeless items of clothing that you know will never fail you. These fashion staples are the ‘go-to’s’ for unexpected outings, hectic mornings and when you just can’t seem to pick out something to wear. To make sure that you’re covered for all of these situations, we’re giving you a list of must-have items that you can turn to whenever you find yourself in a fashion-esque jam. They’re not the season’s hottest picks, but they are definitely the ones that you will keep for the longest time. Don’t be afraid to mix and match these classic items for a truly timeless appeal that always makes a statement.

Classic Winter Coat

Skip Loves Winter Coats A classic winter coat is the ultimate wardrobe essential, helping you to look incredible even when wearing all of those layers. Invest in a neutral-coloured option to ensure versatility throughout the colder months.

Statement Heels

High heels do wonders for your legs, making them look longer, leaner and sexier. Yes, they can cause some pain after a few hours of walking around, but take it in your stride. Nude coloured heels go with just about any pattern or dress color, whereas silver and gold strappy heels work well with shimmery cocktail dresses.

Metallic Clutch Bag

Always have a metallic clutch ready for sophisticated occasions. You don’t have to splurge, just a simple metallic clutch in gold, silver, bronze or black sequins will do.


It’s your accessories that really add the final touches to an outfit, and jewelry, in particular, can take any ensemble from drab to fab. After all, there’s always going to be a need to add a bit of sparkle to your look.

Cocktail Dress

So, you’ve cracked an invite to a prestigious event and you really want to turn heads when you make your entrance? . Make sure that you have at least two ‘go to’ cocktail dresses that you can always turn to. Two fantastic options are the Little Black Dress (LBD) and a sparkling, glamorous number.

Black Boots

Practical and stylish, black boots go with a wide variety of looks. From an assertive ’jeans and boot’ ensemble to a more sophisticated dress pairing, you absolutely cannot go wrong with black boots.

Patterned Scarf

A scarf isn’t just for keeping your neck warm or hiding love bites. You can also use one to transform your look. . A scarf effortlessly adds personality and class to your outfit.

Lightweight Cardigan

Autumn brings with it those breezy days that call for a lightweight cardigan. This fashion essential is incredibly versatile and can be worn with  sundresses, blouses, t-shirts and tank tops. Just remember to properly care for your delicate cardigans when washing them and opt to use intelligent detergents like those offered by Skip.

Patterned Sundress

For the days when you want to appear brighter and slightly more relaxed, a patterned sundress will give you the look and the comfort that you need for the occasion. blackBlazer

Black Blazer

A black blazer is a classic wardrobe item that will always come in handy. It can be a key item in completing a sophisticated business look or it can be a quick and easy way in which to upscale a slightly more casual ensemble.


These days, shorts can be worn anywhere. Tailored ones are even allowed in office! Denim shorts can be worn on those days when you want to kick back, relax or go out on an adventure.

Canvas Sneakers

This is a comfy footwear option that goes well with most casual outfits, providing you with an ‘edgier’ appeal.

Classic Handbag

Every girl needs a classic handbag. Aside from carrying your precious personal items, classic handbags add a great sense of class and elegance to most ensembles. Though expensive, a classic investment handbag can last you a lifetime.

Black Tights/Pantyhose

There are women who absolutely refuse to show off their legs. Some turn to wearing pants, leggings and long skirts. Others turn to hosiery and, yes, black tights. What sets black tights apart is that they go with absolutely everything including your favorite Little Black Dress, a dark patterned dress, mini skirt, boots, and flats.

Comfortable Flats

Give your feet a break from those sky-high heels that you adore so much! Similar to canvas sneakers, flats can add a distinctive look to just about any ensemble. Wear them with a cute dress or a pair of shorts, maybe even with a good pair of jeans. saveSkirt

Classic Skirt

Classic skirts come in a variety of colors, lengths and shapes, making them easy to wear. You can mix and match them with sandals, heels or even boots to get a look that is uniquely yours. Couple this with a simple button up cardigan for a truly sophisticated outfit.

White Blouse

A crisp, white blouse gives you a blank canvas on which to accessorize, so you can show off those lovely necklaces or scarfs.


There’s nothing more comfy than a well-made pair of PJs. This is one of the rare clothing items that you can have as much fun with as you like while in your own personal space.

Black Pumps

Like other basic items on this list, a pair of black pumps goes with almost anything and can be worn when you’re out and about or at work.

Little Black Dress

Skip loves the little black dress The LBD is a must for every woman. Choose the most flattering classic cut for your body type and you won’t go wrong. The only things that you might want to invest in to give your LBD a fresh look every time you wear it are accessories, hairstyle and make up.

Tank Tops

A tank top is extremely versatile. You can cover it up with a black blazer or a cardigan for formal occasions, dress it up with a scarf or a neck piece for those trips to the mall, or simply wear it plain when you’re heading to the beach or about to call it a night.

Dark Washed Jeans

A dark washed pair of jeans is both comfortable and fashion-forward. Just make sure that you choose the appropriate cut and style for your body type and curvature.

White T-shirt

Although T-shirts come in a range of different colors, it’s the white ones that can be used with the greatest variety.  They give you a clean, simple and stylish look – especially when worn with jeans.

Comfortable Undergarments/Lingerie

The best undergarments are those which are comfortable, make you feel sexy and are figure flattering There you have it. The 25 items that every lady should have in her wardrobe. Let’s hope that you ticked off most of these and, if you didn’t, it might be time to plan a well-deserved shopping spree with the girls!