Skip’s Guide to Accessories


Skip’s Guide to Accessories
Prep up your look with the right accessories and be completely fabulous from head to toe. Check out the latest trends for 2015 and see how best to complement your clothing with stylish additions that jingle, shimmer and tick. The right bag, shoe, jewellery or headgear goes a long way when it comes to taking your look from amazing to drop-dead gorgeous, and we’re giving you the secrets to make it all possible.

It’s your year to shine

There are exciting trends to look out for this year, and the first is that of metallic clothing and accessories. Shiny, shimmery, dazzling and glittery is the ‘in’ thing, as demonstrated across fashion week runways around the globe. And nothing makes a woman look as amazing as a touch of sparkle; whether it’s a sleek clutch, sexy stilettos, belts, caps or hats. Although all that glitters isn’t gold, a shiny watch is a season must-have. You’ll be telling the time with a touch of class!

Bring the funk to punk

A new look for 2015 is that of polished punk. There’s a subtle elegance that’s been introduced to the otherwise edgy yet casual style of dress. Now it’s not just the skaters and rockers who are kitting up - there are neckpieces, bags and a range of clothing to cater to your fashion needs. The most noticeable ‘polished punk’ influence can be found in the latest jewellery trends; with chokers becoming the number one choice for leading designers. To take this trend a step further, we’ll be seeing a range of top brass chokers, bracelets and earrings in 2015, with the likes of Tom Ford and J.W. Anderson having exhibited some incredibly edgy, desirable pieces on the runways.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

When you go shoe shopping, make sure to get yourself a pair or two (or three) of strappy heels. These sexy numbers that hug your ankles are a must-have for any fashionista in 2015. Another sought-after style is the gladiator boot, and you can look forward to many interpretations of this. Wedge sandals have also come out as favourites for the year, as well as sporty-chic sneakers, heels and boots. StrappyHeels1

Your bag of goodies

The age old question of what is in a woman’s bag still remains a mystery, but whether you love having a stylish, spacious handbag or prefer keeping only the essentials in a hot little clutch bag, you’ll find a wide selection to choose from this year. Straps and chains seem to be the big thing, with a selection ranging from elegant and minimalist to metallic, global print-chic and polished punk. Choose a clutch and attach the straps or remove them for a new variation to your look. Colour-blocked cross bags are also on the shelves and it will be exciting to see the many different ways in which ladies work this exciting style. Another bag trend is the retro ‘feel’ with simple yet elegant bucket bags taking the fore. And if the Celine fashion house has anything to do with it, you can also expect to see some top brass trimmings on your clutches. The bottom line? Your bag will play a big role in your fashion statements this year.

Oh my hat

Have you tried a hat to go with your outfit? Well, in 2015, you should. Wide brim hats are in, and you can add an effortless, dramatic finish to your look. Or perhaps you can opt for a fedora if you want to show off your face and your fun side?

Simple style additions for extraordinary appeal

There are a couple of great accessories that you simply need to have this year. Go big with oversized scarves and hoods to bring your simple ‘jeans and a t-shirt’ ensemble to life. Mismatched earrings are set to take the world by storm, and quirky asymmetry will have you turning heads all year round. When you accessorise in 2015, remember not to overdo it. Instead, find simple ways to add awesomeness to your gear. We hope this helps to get you looking smart and feeling fantastic! Click the link for more fantastic wardrobe tips here.