Subtly sexy Valentine’s Day look


Subtly sexy Valentine’s Day look

You don’t necessarily buy into the whole commercial Valentine’s Day celebration but might be looking for a subtle way to make your own statement on the day of love. These delicately sexy tips will get you in the spirit without going overboard.

Burgundy bottoms

No matter what the occasion, this item is something everyone should have in their wardrobe. This sophisticated and yet always slightly edgy option for slacks, a mini skirt and everything in between is a must. Burgundy can turn an all-black outfit into something much more exotic and take a casual tank top to new heights. Choose an interesting fabric to elevate the appearance of your garment.

Statement top and high-rise slacks

Pair a statement top - the “statement” can come in the form of interesting sleeves, prints or even the collar - with a classic pair of structured high-rise slacks. The combination of hard and soft is a great way to achieve creative collision without being too outrageous. Try something with an unusual print, applique or embroidery detail to spice up your look.

All black bombshell

All black does not have to be flat and boring. Choose pieces from your wardrobe that offer volume, pattern and texture to give life to classic black. Select designs that flatter your body shape and most importantly, take risks. There is nothing wrong with wearing a T-shirt and leather jacket with heels. In fact, its edgy … and we love it.

Maximised maxi

A classic maxi dress is a stunning way to glam yourself up. Pick a stylish silk or a stunning satin fabric to give the look a luxurious, out of the ordinary feel. Muted tones are best for larger scale garments, but there is nothing stopping you from opting for a fanciful print. Luxe fabrics can be hard to wear and even harder to clean so make sure you are up-to-date with stain removal tips - just in case you have a little too much fun with the chocolate or red wine.

Whether you are hunting for casual daytime attire or a trendier night on-the-town get-up, there is an option for you, with absolutely no cheesy rose prints or vibrant red in sight. Care for fabric is the next step in your wardrobe adventure. Choose the best stain removers to ensure that your wardrobe will serve you faithfully and fancifully for a long, long time. Happy Valen-times!