Summer Print Trends


Summer Print Trends

The print trend that has swept us into a frenzy of colour and texture is here to stay this summer. If you think you can build a look around one print this season you have missed the thrill of this explosion of fun! This trend is rooted in excess and there is no moderation when it comes to selecting the perfect print. Here are some printed garment tips that will surely catch everyone’s eye.

Graphic wilderness. Prints depicting large banana leaves and dark palm fronds along with birds of paradise are all on the menu for this bold trend. They also offer something tropical and frivolous so there is no denying that summer is finally here.

Earth to earth tones. Motifs are not always over the top, these earthy patterns in burnt hues and cool shapes offer a real sophistication for anyone who prefers to keep it modest.

Rainbow stripes. It’s a summer sensation that takes us straight to the beach with an echo of multi-coloured beach umbrellas. This flamboyant rendition of traditional stripes is simply a must.

Floral fixtures. This predictable summer arrival has one trick up its sleeve and that is micro prints, which speak more of paintings than prints. It’s a great romantic way to play with prints if you are not big on gaudy imagery.

Summer is all about celebrating fabulous excess using fabric. If you don’t typically care for fashion but fancy breaking out of the mould, give this fun trend a try. If you are an absolute fanatic about the latest vogue then you too will love playing with these print ideas that just reek of summer and will add a little zest to any wardrobe.