Surprising South African style icons


Surprising South African style icons
Brenda Fassie

Who could forget her carefree, no-nonsense personality both on stage and as a fashion symbol. Brenda Fassie earnestly worked her way into the fashion hall of fame with her cropped platinum blonde ‘do and her edgy ‘80s outfits. Known to some as South Africa’s Madonna, Brenda Fassie had a serious love for shades, hats and hoop earrings and we have serious love for her. No doubt a Weekend Special – or any other time of the week for that matter.

Sho Madjozi

The South African rapper, singer, songwriter, actress and poet is known for her cutting edge integration of her Tsonga heritage into her public persona in a unique and edgy way. It’s this use of ethnic integration and a cool grasp of youth culture that sets Sho Madjozi apart from the masses.

Aisha Baker

Known for her fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog Baked online, this lady is making cultural waves in South Africa with her modest but fashionable style that smacks of sophistication. She seamlessly blends her Muslim South African roots with her edgy youth persona to stands firmly as a fashion icon.

Luthando Shosha

Luthando aka Loot Love has deftly earned her way onto this list by skilfully playing with femininity and masculinity to expertly execute androgyny without looking silly. This is a tall order as she effortlessly uses beautifully tailored shirts, blazers, skirts and trouser and pairs them with accessories of the moment.

Nelson Mandela

You may not immediately think “style icon” when you think of the first president of our young democracy. But Nelson Mandela has become famous around the world for his integral role in liberating South Africa peacefully and for his retro sense of style. Particularly when it came to his signature printed shirts.

It’s time to celebrate those South Africans who have cemented their place as fashion icons through individualism and noteworthy expressionism. Part of looking good is knowing how to take care of your clothes. To keep your clothes as pristine as these fashion icons make sure to use an intelligent detergent.