The art of dressing like a style icon


The art of dressing like a style icon

The timeless style of fashion icons and how they got it right

Every decade, one woman makes a name for herself by becoming the icon that absolutely everybody adores no matter who they are or what their fashion preferences may be. You don't have to love everything about her or even emulate everything that she wears, but every ten years or so somebody stands out as an icon of style that nobody can take their eyes off of. It is important to remember when idolising a specific fashionista that even though everything she wears and does seems to be perfect, it is not necessarily ideal for the woman you are. Having an idol is normal, but losing yourself in everything they do is catastrophic. Style is a personal feature that you build on, ensuring that it stays true to you.

Fashionable Decades

Chiano_Sky_SAFW2 Model and musician Chiano Sky at SA Fashion Week

Leanne_Van_Breda_Irina_Doman1 Fashion bloggers Leanne Van Breda and Irina Doman at Skip Fashion Exchange

Nomzamo_Mbatha_SAFW2 Actress Nomzamo Mbatha at SA Fashion Week

Since the early 1920s, fashion has progressed as a result of individuals who transform fashion from a basic look to a lifestyle. For example, the pioneer of comfortable clothing Coco Chanel has become a household name. However, this person has become something that you wear rather than somebody you have heard of. Her ideas on what women should wear changed the way in which the world worked with the timeless hues of beige, black and white. Coco Chanel transformed her everyday lifestyle into ideas regarding her fashion sense and how she wanted the world of women to dress, act, and look. The way Coco Chanel looked became the way every woman wanted to look, but in their own, unique way. She transformed simplistic, contrasting trends - and this is an achievement that is still admired and coveted today.

Style is something personal and every woman has her own, but when you relate to a specific role model, you can find yourself emulating their style. Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly had an effect on the women of the 1950s, where they both had two completely different fashion styles, and so this segregated what was worn as a woman. Grace had stature and elegance in her beauty and her choice in attire. We saw long coats and stunning pearls become something sought after by women. Ladies looked for streamlined evening gowns, poised skirts and a high and refined neckline. This was the look of any woman who considered herself respectful and refined. However, we saw a strong contrast between her and Marilyn Monroe, the pioneer of risqué fashion. Her figure supported high-waist swimsuits, lingerie and dresses, but her glamorous appearance didn’t match her effortless manner of carrying herself. Both are two of the most influential women of all time, but both created different styles by which women based their lives and fashion choices.

No matter the time period, women get it right. Certain women carry a following with them that changes how the entire world sees style - and some longer than others. Kate Moss and Madonna, for example, are two women who both claim well over two decades of power over style. Both carry worldwide fan bases that have followed their every move. With the ability to pull off almost anything when it comes to fashion, these two poster girls channel their styles in everything that they have ever done, always embracing their own unique fashion trends, but with modern influences.

Just because the times change does not mean that your individual style must ever change. Be influenced and admire those who have caught everybody’s attention, but never forget that your unique view of fashion is what truly makes you who you are. Another thing to remember is that proper laundry care is essential if you are to keep your stylish statement pieces looking their best. Get your hands on Skip auto washing powder or liquid detergent for gentle, effortless stain removal and cleansing power.