The fabric of wardrobes: Edit your closet for the better


The fabric of wardrobes: Edit your closet for the better

Do you feel like you have so many clothes and yet nothing to wear? Have you ever spent way more time than any one person should, trying to select the perfect outfit?

Luckily there are plenty of ways to take you out of your fashion slump. Look at these garment tips for editing your wardrobe into a tool for style and sophistication:

  • Keep a clothing journal. Keep track of what you wear over the month in a calendar or journal for a great way to see what gets worn and what never see the light of day, or night.
  • F.I.L.O. First in Last Out policy. If you rotate your clothes based on the First in Last Out it will force you to take a serious look at what you should keep and what you should purge. This is obviously occasion and weather permitting.
  • Have a consult with a trusted friend. It’s always good to get a second opinion on your clothing. Bear in mind that this is subjective and not everyone shares your sense of style.
  • Choose your “uniform”. Everyone has a style inclination whether its bold and colourful or dark and brooding. Determine your personal palette and fit, and work your way out from there. The best way to establish a good uniform is to be comfortable.
  • If it doesn’t fit, let it go. There is no use holding onto clothes in the hopes that you will one day fit into them. Your body changes over time, accept this and move on. Getting rid of items that don’t fit will help you to accept and love yourself as you are.
  • Can you fix it? Yes, you can! Don’t let the clothes that are in need of tailoring and repair move to the back of your wardrobe and your mind. The sooner you get them fixed the sooner you can add to your wearable options.
  • Extend the life of your favourites. Care for clothes begins with taking preventative measures, specifically during the washing process. Make sure to follow the care instructions for your clothing and use good quality detergents.
  • Add lights, all the better to see you with. It a great idea to have good lighting around your closet and mirror area. This will help you to get a clear perspective on what you own and how it looks on you.
  • Try a Fashion Exchange. Plenty of people participate in clothing swaps and fashion exchanges. This is a great way to give your beloved clothes a new change and to add some new members of your wardrobe family.

Challenge yourself to use all of your clothes. Set a time goal and if you haven’t worn your clothing in due time, you should consider moving on. It’s the perfect experiment and a great way to adapt your personal style while keeping it “you”.