The Fabulous Durban July


The Fabulous Durban July

The Fabulous Durban July

It’s that time of the year! Celebs, socialites, fashionistas and, of course, horseracing enthusiasts will be flocking to the Durban July on the weekend of the 4th. We wouldn’t be the Skip that you love if we didn’t give you the 411 on the hottest fashion tips for this fabulous shindig. As you know, every year the Durban July has a theme; this year, the theme is ‘The Captain’s Table’. According to the event’s website, “When one’s invited to The Captain's Table, one has to up one’s game. Dress is all important, whether you be King or Queen. You’ll feel like a celebrity, the place to see… and be seen”. So, how does one dress the part for this fashion-forward event? Read on for some style tips.
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Elegance and sophistication

The captain’s table is the best seat in the house, so you’ve got to look the part. Ladies, please stay away from the cheesy stripes and sailor hats. Rather go the subtle route by choosing nautical colours, such as red, blue and white. When choosing your outfit, also keep in mind the trends that we forecasted for the year: lace and cut-outs. Lace will give you a sexy silhouette and an allure that’s fitting for the captain’s table. If your bod gives you the nod, then don’t shy away from showing some flesh with cut-outs—Durban’s sunny and warm weather also says yes to you! Follow our #MyFabulous designer, Sibu Msimang’s, suggestion when you choose an outfit that suits your body: “If you want to wear a dress like Beyoncé did at the Met Gala, please make sure that you have the body for it!”

Add some glam with accessories

If you want to be noticed at the Durban July, you’ll have to pull out all the stops. Accessorise your outfit by choosing jewellery that is big, bold and shiny. We often see ladies at the races sporting some form of headgear, mostly fascinators, and we’re not against that. Make sure that it complements your attire and your hairdo though. You’ll also need a stunning bag for all of your lady essentials. Luckily, there are a whole lot of dazzling handbags out there for you to choose from.

The shoe issue

So it’s a horseracing event, and you’re on grass making all of your social rounds… in heels! When you choose the shoes that you’ll be wearing on the day, take this into account and don’t be that girl who ends up taking off her heels because they keep sinking into the ground. Pick a pair that you are comfortable in and that won’t compromise your outfit. And if you aren’t about that high-heel life, dressy pumps, wedges and sandals also have that glam factor about them if you choose right. Now that we’ve given you our Durban July fashion and garment tips, here’s one more: Don’t forget to charge your cell phone to full power so that you can snap pics of your fab look, mingling with the who’s who! Remember, when you look great, you feel amazing. If you’re off to the Durban July, have a blast!