#SkipFashion Exchange


#SkipFashion Exchange

Three unique designer collections inspired by the fabulous people of South Africa.

Have you ever looked at a fabulously dressed woman and thought: “Her outfit is SO Cape Town?” How about Johannesburg or Durban? SKIP thinks that each of these cities follows its own style rules and has its own brand of fabulous. That’s why Skip is proud to introduce its #MyFabulous campaign.
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Discover hashtags #MyFabulousCPT, #MyFabulousJHB, #MyFabulousDBN

Three designers. Three cities. Three ranges.

Phase One:

In celebration of the launch of the Skip Fabulous Edition pack, phase one of the SKIP #MyFabulous campaign kicks off in June. Fashion Designers, Sibu Msimang (@SibuMsimang), Rich Mnisi (@Rich_Mnisi), and Jenevieve Lyons (@Jenevieve_Lyons) will start gathering inspiration via Instagram to create 10 complete looks that are inspired by the unique styles of the three major cities of South Africa - with help from you. The inspiration for the ranges that will be gathered during the month will come directly from the fabulous women living in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town. By using the city’s hashtag - #MyFabulousDBN, #MyFabulousJHB and #MyFabulousCPT – and taking part in Skip South Africa’s Instawalks and weekly Instagram Challenges, the designers will be able to follow the images that are submitted and will also be able to refer to them when they go into production.

Phase Two:

In July, we will see our designers start producing their respective ranges, based on your Instagram images. During this phase, they’ll be translating your photographs and experiences into garments, and documenting their design process on their respective Instagram profiles.

Phase Three:

Phase 3 is the culmination of all of your hard work - The #MyFabulous ranges will all be revealed on 13 August 2015 at the Skip Fashion Exchange event in Johannesburg. You’ll be able to see how the designers have interpreted all of the images that they’ve seen over the allotted time frame and how they’ve incorporated them into wearable, statement fashion pieces. You’ll also stand a chance to win your respective city’s collection to the value of R50,000. 21355Q_Invite_facebook For more info and to book click here

Here’s how YOU can inspire your city’s fabulous collection:

• The project begins with countrywide Instawalks hosted by Skip. Because we all see the world in a different way, by exploring parts of the city together, while documenting the sights that we take in, we’ll be able to create a montage of images that represent the #MyFabulous initiative.
• The dates for the Instawalks are as follows - make sure that you’re following @SkipSouthAfrica for more details:
• 30 May 2015 – Durban (kicking off at the Skate Park on the beach front at 10h00)
• 6 June 2015 – Johannesburg (meeting in the Newtown area at 10h00)
• 13 June 2015 – Cape Town (meeting outside the Aquarium at the V&A Waterfront at 10h30)
• Every week in June, Skip will also post Instagram Challenges on its account, @SkipSouthAfrica, asking for your interpretation of colours, textures, shapes and other themes that define your favourite city’s look.
• Tag your images with the hashtags so that the designers and the public can track your submissions by searching Instagram for #MyFabulousDBN, #MyFabulousJHB and #MyFabulousCPT.
• In August, at the end of the project, the designers will choose the most inspiring contributor from their city. The winner will receive their respective city’s limited edition collection, tailored to fit them.
Read more and for regular updates on the inspiration, follow @SkipSouthAfrica and check in with @SibuMsimang, @Rich_Mnisi, and @Jenevieve_Lyons on Instagram. Skip’s Facebook page and Twitter accounts will also be posting updates.

An introduction to the designers:

#MyFabulousDBN – Sibu Msimang:

fab_Sibu Photo credit: elle.co.za Sibu is an up-and-coming designer based in Durban. Her collection at the 2014 Durban Fashion Fair put her on the South African fashion map. She is renowned for her use of vibrant colours, bold shapes, and beautiful pattern work, often inspired by KZN’s rich cultural and visual heritage.

#MyFabulousJHB – Rich Mnisi:

fab_Rich Photo credit: weblogforlove.com Rich’s sports-luxe designs have had the fashion press excited about the direction in which he’s moving and, with him winning the prestigious emerging designer title at the AFI Fastback 2014, Rich is definitely one of the names to follow for 2015. Experimenting with wearable sports inspired shapes, Rich creates luxurious collections using a wide range of fabrics with exciting prints and detailing.

#MyFabulousCPT – Jenevieve Lyons:

fab_Jenevieve Photo credit: www.jenevievelyons.co.za Jenevieve is a conceptual designer at heart, taking ideas from a wide field of study and reinterpreting them into a fashion context. This technique lends her garments an underlying story and cohesion. Well known for pushing boundaries in construction, design and fabric selection, Jenevieve is also an expert in translating her runway garments into prêt-à-porter collections.