The strength of power dressing


The strength of power dressing

International Women’s Day is this month and we want to celebrate the evolving style successes of the modern woman. Captivating the idea of a woman’s strength in the form of power dressing. So, in the spirit of sartorial strength, here are some garment tips for modern power dressing:

Not all suits are equal

If you have dreamed of a glorious tailored suit but it feels a little too traditional for your taste, think again. Suits come in all shapes, sizes and textures. Whether it’s a richly pigmented fabric morphed into a pyjama-like silhouette or a powerfully tailored blazer and slacks, in a subtle print. There is a perfect suit out there for every person and occasion.

Peekaboo socks

Not only do socks have a great practical use, but peekaboo socks are all the rage at the moment. Opt for a bright or textured pair of socks for added effect. These can take a traditional outfit and elevate it to new heights.

Level up, or down

There is no right kind of heel. Whether you prefer flats, midis or high heels there are no real rules. However, most would agree that whatever shoe you choose, should always be smart, scuff-free and polished. Care for fashion and making sure your clothing is well maintained with good washing products is essential.

Archetypal accessories

Classic accessories that embody your style are always worth the outlay. There is a reason they call them investment pieces, after all. Timeless leather goods, for example, are gifts that keep on giving. Your outfit will always be augmented by great accessories.

Colour play

While blacks and greys are standard for a work setting. Playing with colour can really lift an outfit. Adding a pop of colour in the form of a bright blazer is a good way to ease into things. Alternatively, if you are feeling brave, a brightly coloured suit set, will give off powerful vibes.

Remember sartorial strength starts from within. And encouraging diversity in women’s fashion by saluting fabulous femme, modern masculinity and everything in between is what we are all about. So, ladies, lets ‘slay’ and own this day!