Throwback trends


Throwback trends

We have all seen a picture from the past and thought “how could that outfit possibly be considered stylish?” Only to be wearing something similar a few decades later. Current fashion trends are sometimes made up of revived fashion moments from the past. Let’s look at the throwback trends we can expect to see this year. Hopefully not too many items on our list are ones you swore off.


These classic 50s hats that are synonymous with France and the beatnik movement are back in business. A versatile accessory which comes in a whole myriad of colours, textures and fabrics, you are bound to find the one for you. Whether it’s a low key felt beret or a more risqué leather one, this year the hat of free thinkers makes a comeback. Famous fans of the beret include Ernest Hemmingway, Pablo Picasso, Rihanna and Bella Hadid.


These 80s hair accessories are a combination of strange and practical that you can’t help appreciating. These stretchy fabric rings are gentle on your hair and they hold heavy curls and braids like a treat! So, scrunchies are back and to be honest we’re happy about it – hopefully they won’t be “hair today, gone tomorrow.”

High waisted flare

These trousers echo the ‘70s taking us back to the era of peace, love and hippies. The great thing about these pants is they are so darn comfortable, especially in summer. With a high waist and deep pockets, they are ultra-practical and can be worn for just about any occasion. Thanks Abba, we will take it from here.

Slip dress

The 90s spaghetti straps we rocked all those years ago are back in vogue – especially over a polo neck or T-shirt. Thankfully they have been given a second chance because these dresses look a picture when worn with a pair of ankle boots and a leather jacket. Choose a fabric like velvet or tartan and you will have heads turning. Make sure to read the laundry logo and select the best stain remover or detergent for your fabrics.


This one is hard not to chuckle at because they had such a bad rap, but they are really making quite a comeback. The moonbags of the 80s have been brought into the 21st century offering a range of new and old perks. For starters, they are versatile thanks to their adjustable strap - wear it over your shoulder or across your body and it will keep your hands free all day. Moonbags this time around have been produced in more modern luxe fabrics to seamlessly fuse fashion and functionality!

Justin Timberlake is right again “what goes around comes around” although we’re pretty sure he wasn’t talking about throwback fashion trends - but we are!