Tracing the evolution of denim


Tracing the evolution of denim

The history and the denim that suits your body best!

Since the dawn of time, women have struggled to find that pair of jeans that fit them so right, no matter what they wear them with, they feel fabulous! Due to the fact that no two women share the same hip and booty combination, and the fact that every denim engineer and fashion designer cuts a slightly different shape of this beloved material when designing jeans, every woman’s struggle to find the perfect pair began. With periods of its short-lived absences from the world of design and fashion, we have recently seen a remarkable return of this twill textile.


Do you have a perfect pair of jeans?

Jeans have a long history, dating all the way back to before the 20th century. Originally, what we wear today as something simple, classic and cute was once worn by factory workers and miners on a daily basis. But, have no fear, and don't cringe for too long, as that was just the beginning of the evolution that transformed jeans into a girl's second best friend. Remember that every booty, every pair of hips and every body shape is complemented by a different cut and a different shape of jeans. You have to find the right pair of jeans to feel sexy, whether you are enjoying a night out with the ladies or just picking up some groceries. Find the pair that matches your body's personality and you won't have a hint of worry when it comes to what your booty looks like.


Let's look at the basics!

What do you want to look like? What sort of man are you looking to grab the attention of? It all comes down to what you think of your own booty. Turning heads makes you feel confident in your own skin, which introduces new levels of confidence into your life. The great news is that all of this can easily be achieved simply by changing one item of clothing.


Let's look at what cuts of jeans best suit your body type.

If you are shaped like an hourglass, you will be able to confidently pull off the skinny jeans look. If you aren't that confident showing off all that you have, you also have the option of going for the wide-legged trouser with a high rise and flat front that will keep you looking slim, giving your sexy curves just the right amount of exposure. Girls who are pear-shaped should steer clear of anything tapered and rather opt for a low-rise flare that will create an overall balance for their bodies. A classic straight leg pair of jeans will leave your hips looking skinny. For any lady who considers herself to be plus-sized, dark-rinse denim is the shade that will pull focus to the curves that matter. The best suggested style to match would either be a straight leg or a classic bootleg trouser. For those women with a tall and athletic physique, a skinny high-rise pair of jeans or a 70's style bootleg trouser will give you the confidence of any catwalk model.

The perfect pair of jeans not only leaves you with a slimming look, but highlights the curves that matter to you. Everybody has their preferences, so you need to find the pair that you will never go without, that you know makes you feel great, and that ensures that you ooze the confidence that your body deserves. Don’t forget to get your hands on Skip intelligent detergents for proper laundry care for your beloved jeans. After all, you want to make sure that your new favourite pair of jeans stands the test of time, providing you with endless boosts of confidence for many years to come!