Trending looks in Jozi, Cape Town and Durban


Trending looks in Jozi, Cape Town and Durban

Skip Uncovers Trending Looks in Jozi, Cape Town and Durban

When you travel from one city to another, you’ll realise that every place has a style of its own. This means that our fashion sense is inspired by our surroundings. Here’s a look at how trends differ from city to city.

The Mother City

Skip on the Best Looks of Cape Town Skip on the Best Looks of Cape Town
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Cape Town is definitely a fashionable city. It’s where most fashion retailers are based and has a rich history of tailoring and dressmaking. This has always been a city of elegant eccentricity. There’s also a new generation of designers who are trying to turn Cape Town into something of a fashion capital in Africa.And when it comes to shopping, there’s plenty to choose from to suit both the tastes of those who are into international designer wear and those with modest budgets. The great thing about Cape Town is that it’s a city of all seasons and a day can go from sunny to rainy with a chilly wind, just like that. This gives the fashionista a little more to consider when picking out an outfit. Also, having a beach means that there’ll be a lot of casual wear to choose from. Capetonians are particularly individualistic, so no particular look is ever ‘on trend’. Second hand shopping is also considered super cool in Cape Town, making it a South African city that has truly embraced the Bohemian look.


Skip on the Best Looks of Gauteng Skip on Jozi Style and Township Swag
The city of gold is also the city of glitz and glamour when it comes to style, and this is the popular look that gains individuals respect and ‘standard’. In Gauteng, trends are interpreted through everything from clothing to cars and even hangouts. People dress to gain a certain status, which represents wealth and achievement. As with all places, the different areas have their various trends. A new trend has surfaced, specifically in the townships - ‘township swag’. It differentiates itself through the unapologetic use and boldness of colour, as well as exaggerated contrasts. It even extends to hairdos. The look is inspired by the vintage Sophiatown with a modern twist. The fashion lovers in Gauteng are also spoilt for choice when it comes to stores that they can shop at - from the downtown Jozi street stalls to the very upmarket Sandton City. Brands are a big thing and even the less affluent are able to find ways in which to achieve the ‘designer look’. Suburban areas are very diverse and the trends include new looks such as your sports luxe and boho. Johannesburg is where you’ll find the most stylishly kitted South Africans, because it’s where everything is happening in terms of entertainment and media, which are chief influencers of how we mould our fashion sense.


Skip on the Best Looks of Durban Skip on the Best Looks of Durban
Skip on the Best Looks of Durban
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In Durban, comfort often comes before style, leading to the development of the laid-back fashion sense that this South African city is so well-known for. Surf is timeless, with brands like Quicksilver and Billabong continuing to dominate. And, because Durbs has more of a beach culture than that of Cape Town, showing up with a vest, shorts, and flip-flops is not frowned upon. But that’s not to say that there’s nothing going on for fashionistas there. With one of the biggest shopping centres in the Southern Hemisphere, Gateway, there’s a store for every taste and budget. Also, because the weather is mostly sunny and warm, shorts and mini-skirts, dresses and swimwear are always featured in the wardrobes of the Durbanites. You’re also more likely to see florals and bright colours in these parts. So there you have it, our breakdown of city style across the country. Remember, it’s up to you to represent where you’re from, so make sure to always put your best fashion foot forward. Also, be sure to invest in a quality laundry detergent that will make it easier for you to care for your fashion. Check out Skip’s unique range today!