What Google knows about Fashion that you don’t


What Google knows about Fashion that you don’t

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Fashionistas across the globe have been searching the web for answers to their most pressing style questions. So what tops the list as the most Googled fashion term for 2014? In order to create a bit of tantalising suspense, we’ll start from number twenty and work our way down to number one.

20. Velvet

Velvet has made a massive comeback in the last few months. This snug, sophisticated and smooth texture is a firm favourite once again, featuring in blazers, suits, tees and shoes. That’s how it landed a spot in the top 20.

19. Embroidered denim

This trend was popular on the backs of biker jackets and now leaves its mark on all things denim. It adds a touch of personality to jeans and, with so many styles available, it’s no wonder embroidered denim finds itself at number 19.

18. Iridescence

Shimmering fabrics made a huge impression on the runways at most of the fashion shows last year. They’re sophisticated and modern, making them ideal for a stylish night out. If you didn’t have a name to put to the trend, it’s iridescence and it ranks at number 18.

17. Suede

Suede is soft, supple and here to stay. This timeless, lightweight fabric was brought to life by designers such as Derek Lam and Jason Wu to Michael Kors, Altuzarra, Gucci, Chloé and Loewe. It’s the inviting and touchable allure that put the suede parade at number 17.

16. Mod style

The fun, free and fashion-forward 60s are the inspiration behind the increasingly popular mod style. We figure that everyone wanted to be in on the style and energy around this trend, which is why it sits at number 16.

15. Fashion sneakers

Gone are the days when sneakers were only for jogging. High-tops, low-tops, slip-ons and the like have come into their own, fashioning the feet of any and every one with style. We’re not surprised that this trend makes it to number 15.

14. Tartan

Are you noticing that there are a lot of fashion comebacks featured here? Well, tartan, check, plaid, or whatever you choose to call it, is one of them. The Scottish gift to fashion has been re-interpreted, blended and mixed with other trends and takes 14th place in the most Googled fashion terms of 2014.

13. Mesh

The transparency trend took to the runways with a refreshing new edge that included layering graphic and geometric pieces as well as going to new avenues other than fishnet stockings and hat veils. The search was on for mesh inspiration and that’s why this trend is at number 13.

12. Capes

The cape has always been a chic addition to any outfit and, this season, it’s even more glamorous with designers taking it to longer lengths. We’re seeing more volume at the back whilst keeping the front tailored. We’ve also seen a new twist on the blazer cape and a slimmer silhouette. Paired with jeans, layered over a sweater or draped over an evening dress, it instantly gives an updated look to any ensemble. The poncho also features in the customisable cape category. The cape is back with a vengeance, putting it at number 12.

11. Street style

Photographers are taking to the streets, snapping up the best dressed, funkiest and coolest styles that they see. Basically, if you are rocking your outfit, you’re street chic. This trend inspired by the streets of the fashion capitals takes number 11. street

10. Mules

Its lightness and simplicity makes the mule an expected fashion comeback, and designers have revived the style with fresh new takes as demonstrated on the runways. They hold the foot elegantly without cutting off the ankle, offer an endlessly flattering line, and go with everything. It’s no wonder why the mule is at number 10.

9. Culottes

Guess what? Another 60s throwback! They’re comfy, casual and easy to wear with stockings. That means that they’re versatile and wearable throughout any season, despite the fact that some may say they are ‘tomboyish’.

8. Full skirts

The full skirt has been completely embraced by trend-setters and fashionable celebrities alike. Over the knee or under, this voluminous silhouette brings a girlish charm that puts it in 8th place.

7. Over-the-knee boots

For sex appeal, power or pure style, ladies are working it in over-the-knee boots. Whether you’re going for pirate style, wearing loose and baggy gear, or if you just wear shorts or minis, boots are going all the way up to your knees. Plus, there are metallic versions to keep up with the trends, thanks to Louis Vuitton and Giles. That’s why they walk away with 7th place on the countdown.

6. Designer collaboration

We are fashion lovers, but not everyone can afford the pricey items that steal our hearts. That’s why we’re so grateful for designer collabs that make it a little bit more affordable to rock the finest getups. The biggest names in design are teaming up with chain stores to offer great gear for less, and it makes looking good all the better. It’s a well-deserved number 6.
5. Crop tops
Ladies are doing sit-ups and cutting carbs over the crop top craze. We saw the most amazing takes on crops and we’re not surprised that this showy sensation landed the 5th spot on the search list. crop
4. Wearables
‘Wearable technology’ refers to clothing and accessories that incorporate computer and advanced electronic technologies. The designs often incorporate practical functions and features, and the craze seems to finally be taking off. Designers are creating apparel, accessories and fitness wear that can do everything from monitor your heart rate to charge your smartphone. This has amazing benefits - especially for the health industry, and we hope to see more tech wearables coming out in the near future. Tech-forward wearables are a worthy number 4 on the list.
3. Athleisure
Fitness fever has taken the world by storm. It’s never been cooler to look like you’ve been working out. According to a recent study, half of the people buying active wear these days are buying it for ‘non-active’ use, or as casual, everyday wear. So ‘athleisure’ is actually active wear without the sweat, and there’s huge interest in it, giving the trend its 3rd position. Micah Gianneli_Best top personal style fashion blog_Street style
2. Health Goth
Still on the fitness tip, ‘health Goth’ blends fashion’s obsession with Goth streetwear, monochrome and sportswear. So where does this trend come from? According to Jaana Jatyri of trend forecaster Trendstop: “Health Goth started out as an internet meme, but we’re now starting to see these stylistic influences filter through to trendsetters on the streets, especially in London.” This weird trend had curious minds trying to understand and perhaps get on board, and that’s how it earned 2nd place.

And the most Googled fashion trend of 2014 is… NORMCORE!

What? Normcore? Yebo! And it probably lands top spot because fashion lovers have been trying to wrap their heads around it. So what is Normcore? I enlisted the help of a fashion buyer to get a suitable definition. She says: “It’s more of a fashion attitude rather than a trend. The wearer is aware of fashion trends, but does not fully subscribe without the balance of the timelessness of normal dressing.” Did you get that? Basically, dressing normally as opposed to flashy high fashion is a trend of its own. There you have it, and you thought no one was paying attention when you typed in your search words! Are you one of the people who Googled any of the terms on the list? All in all, we seek inspiration from the know-it-alls on the net, and it pays off with great style tips and keeps us up to date with the latest trends. We’re looking forward to what 2015 will bring and wish you a fabulous and stylish year! Click on the link for more wardrobe tips here.