Year-round fabric guide


Year-round fabric guide

If you care for fashion you probably know all about seasonal dressing. Here is a short overview on fabric types plus garment tips to ensure you the best out of your wardrobe.

Cotton Cotton is a soft, breathable and light material that comes in a variety of textures. It is affordable, resilient and easy to wash - perfectly suited to items such as T-shirts and dresses which see a lot of wear. The occasion: Almost anytime day or night, indoors or out - your versatile standby.


Because linen creases easily, it delivers an elegantly casual appearance. The fabric should soften with each wash. Made from the natural fibres of flax it can be costly, but the good news is that it should be easy to clean with a good detergent. The occasion: Perfect for a weekend brunch in the sun.


The epitome of sophistication, this fabric is soft and cool to the touch. Its natural sheen makes it ideal for fantastical evening attire. Suitable for formal occasions, the textile is particularly absorbent and care should be taken not to spill oily substances on it.The occasion: A summer’s ball, business dinner or awards evening.


Keep a stash of essentials such as chewing gum, deodorant, a sewing kit and the likes, on hand, for those occasions when rushing out the door leaves you unprepared. A small utility bag in your car, handbag or at work is ideal.

Autumn/Winter - Leather

Made from animal rawhides, leather is durable and flexible. The material is robust and has good insulation properties. Because it is a tough, natural material it is often more expensive than textile options.The occasion: Think that classic brown leather jacket or slinky black leggings…


The woven tufted fabric gives velvet its plush texture - luxurious and elegant.The occasion: That glittering ball or a night at the theatre.


Love knows no colour. Be proud of your bae and remember, if you are happy, nothing else should matter! Just feel the love and keep the kisses coming with fresh breath that lasts all day.


Rugged, warm and durable it has become renowned for its versatility - a staple textile all over the world. The occasion: A casual dinner or mix it up with your work attire.Whatever your choice, make sure you follow these laundry tips to ensure that your clothing gets the care it deserves - and you, the look you deserve!